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Episode 33 - Arcade Games

Amos never got to say goodbye

Episode 33 - Arcade Games

A few updates for this season and next. Unfortunaly a string of back luck made this season a few episodes short. The hurricane(s) made it more difficult for us to record, because the weekends were soggier and windier than usual, and also my audio interface, and headphone amp got zapped and destroyed by a power surge. Waaah wahhh. And because of all that, this will be the last episode of season two, and also the last episode with Amos as the co-host.

Some more bad news, this recording has some pops from my audio interfact slowly dieing. Sorry for the iffy audio. It will all get much better, as I already got my new equipment!

Good new - Amanda is our new co-host! And she and Amos review Arcade games with us this week!

I'll have some special episodes coming up, between seasons, but we plan on taking a few months off for the holidays and starting back up in late January/early February.

See you soon!

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